Frequently Asked Questions

I just found out about VND, but the item I want is gone! Will it ever come back?

Maybe! You can head over to the product page and put your email address in to be notified if it comes back. We like to re-release items any time they accumulate 40 requests. You’ll get a notification when it’s back on the site. If you really like it, tell your friends! The more requests an item gets, the more likely it is to come back.

My card was declined. Now what?

If you received an email from us about your card being declined, you will find a link in that email to update your card. Follow that link to update your payment info. You have two weeks to fix your card before it will be too late.  

Wear More, Wash Less

Washing your clothes after each use is often more about habit than hygiene, and quite frankly not always necessary. Instead, think twice before throwing a perfectly fresh garment in the washer. Many garments just need to be aired out properly to be good for another wear. And many stains can be spot treated. It’s not unhygienic, it’s responsible and saves you both time and money - washing less is tearing less and your garments will last longer the gentler you treat them.   For any questions left unanswered from these terms, please contact us at shop@voidndisorder.com